HP grant – Stage One - present situation

Integration of mobile technology into the educational process.

    • Teaching using HP PC Tablets
    • One group of students is using HP Tablets based on the loan contract – they will use it during they studies at II-VOS
    • The second group is using HP Tablets at school only.
    • Some students have their own laptops.
    • We are using HP Tablets during Database System course. We find the greatest benefit of using HP Tablets when drawing data diagrams.
    • We tried to use HP Tablets systematically for programming purposes in Java seminar. It seems to be obvious that while working with text, the benefit of using light pen instead of keyboard cannot be really appreciated.
    • Those students using HP Tablets permanently are using tablets like tool for drawing equations, making notes etc. The problem is missing support for automatic recognition of non-English texts. Therefore students have to write their notes as drawings using wireless connection. It is demanding space for storing and requires hugh transfers, causing problems with the speed of searching, limited disk space, etc.

HP grant – Stage Two - immediate future

    1) We have to solve the basic question – should all HP Tablets be borrowed to students or should we keep two groups for comparison and use remaining Tablets at school only?

    2) It is obvious there is no 100% benefit of using Tablets for all the subjects. When necessity of drawing prevails then pen and touch screen is useful. For all the applications where keyboard should be used, because of no support for non-English languages and therefore no automatic (Czech) text recognition, iI the use of Tablets less beneficial..

HP grant – Stage Three - far future

    II-VOS is introducing E-learning principles with the aim of full distant education in future. We try to adopt usage of HP Tablets through the whole curriculum. We have developed school Intranet – educational web portal, called “iinet.cz”. Implementation of web portal and HP Tablets will create the basis for Mobile Learning Initiative success.